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March 7, 2006 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Adobe Photoshop | 2 Comments

I liked to start off by saying that blogging seems (to me) a waste of time. So why am I still blogging? Well….. I’ll give anything a try and I thought I’d give this another month. It’s just so boring. I mean, if I find it boring anyone visiting my blog will find it boring and to be honest, there must be a lot of downright boring blogs on the web. Infact, I just read a boring blog and (as stated) it seems to be a waste of time. To me blogging is an outright crap way of people saying they are lonely and attention seekers ready to tell the world what they do in life and rant.

I guess my final statement is, Go you bloggers.

Okay, I motivated myself to say originally that I don’t normally hate on products but I’m sensing Imageready kinda hates me alot. Well, I don’t mind saying I hate imageready also. Imageready to me isn’t steady, and if ready isn’t steady how can I eventually embrace that software I have come to hate but continue to use? I have a solution to that, Make it steady and I might just be ready to like imageready. Make it unsteady, and not only will I not like imageready, I’ll refuse to use ready as my animation tool of choice. I find imageready crashes alot thus the reason for the statement above.

So my plea to adobe: “Steady on ready and make it 100% steady for shelley”



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  1. OI! 🙂 There are other reasons for blogging you know.. namely a place to rant in peace without anyone butting in… or to share something you think might interest someone somewhere! Or just as a place to spill your mind and no one will point and laugh and go “you weird bitch, get outta here!” 😀

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