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March 7, 2006 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Adobe Photoshop | 2 Comments

I liked to start off by saying that blogging seems (to me) a waste of time. So why am I still blogging? Well….. I’ll give anything a try and I thought I’d give this another month. It’s just so boring. I mean, if I find it boring anyone visiting my blog will find it boring and to be honest, there must be a lot of downright boring blogs on the web. Infact, I just read a boring blog and (as stated) it seems to be a waste of time. To me blogging is an outright crap way of people saying they are lonely and attention seekers ready to tell the world what they do in life and rant.

I guess my final statement is, Go you bloggers.

Okay, I motivated myself to say originally that I don’t normally hate on products but I’m sensing Imageready kinda hates me alot. Well, I don’t mind saying I hate imageready also. Imageready to me isn’t steady, and if ready isn’t steady how can I eventually embrace that software I have come to hate but continue to use? I have a solution to that, Make it steady and I might just be ready to like imageready. Make it unsteady, and not only will I not like imageready, I’ll refuse to use ready as my animation tool of choice. I find imageready crashes alot thus the reason for the statement above.

So my plea to adobe: “Steady on ready and make it 100% steady for shelley”


Hello and welcome to my blog

February 24, 2006 at 1:18 am | Posted in Brief Introduction | 2 Comments

Firstly, hello and welcome to my blog. That said, I’m not a big fan of free hosted products because of the limitations enforced on you. So for now, it will suffice. In short, this blog is temporary until I can be bothered to install an alternative on my server which is of course going to be wordpress.

So what content will my blog have? For now it will be about the things I enjoy which includes graphic design and my time as image developer/styler for wtcBB is a free bulletin board and it’s come along way since the 1.x.xx series so when I was brought onto the team for wtcBB v2 by Andrew Gallant (Developer) I was only to happy to accept his offer (infact, I may have offered my services to him) but anyway, I’m there and have been working on wtcbb 2 as Styler/graphic developer and giving suggestions (which Andrew as kept an open mind and implemented the majority of them) for about 5 months and it has been an enjoyable learning curve for me.

wtcbb v2 is still in it’s early stages and Andrew has managed to push out an Alpha 1 version (with Alpha 2 coming soon which I have managed to make a few graphical changes). So far I am quite happy in the way it is looking and extatic with the features Andrew has implemented and other features he’s yet to implement. With all that said, we are still working hard on placements of features, categories & many other elements that need attending to. So hopefully when we resolve our differences in what looks best the release of wtcBB v2 will become ever closer. In the coming weeks/months I can tell you more about wtcBB and the plans we have (plans I have from a graphical perspective) for it to make this possibly one of the best free bulletin boards on the web.

As a graphic designer my software of choice is Adobe Photoshop although I do much of my freelance work in Illustrator. I’m happy to say that most of my designs are 99.9% of the time created from scratch and all my original work. I mainly design Illustrations, forum graphics & icons which I don’t intend using at the time of design but I always find a use to implement them in other designs I create.

Smilies are something I like to create, and create them I have. they’re in abundance and if you look hard enough you will find many sets that I have submitted. They may enhance your board some will definetely disturb your sanity (my hardrive will vouch for this) and Az also .*Grins* Once I get the time to update my blog I will post a few *cough* few hundred *cough* for now, smilies I designed are submitted at a few big resource forums.

I would just like to say that if you like to be part of a nice community mostly attended by british people with a great sense of humour (and disturbing) give The British Forum a visit it’s run by a very nice woman that constantly throws smiley links my way. 🙂

*Waves To Az* now you can comment. 🙂

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